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Rumor 1: Drinking coffee can cause osteoporosis?

Fake. Coffee made from cocoa beans is a good source of potassium, oxalic acid, and caffeine. Potassium assists in decreasing calcium loss, oxalic acid decreases calcium absorption price, and high degrees of high levels of caffeine raise urinary system calcium loss. Caffeine only has a short-term diuretic result, and drinking a percentage of coffee will certainly not trigger a considerable rise in day-to-day urinary system calcium loss. The caffeine in each cup of coffee only increases calcium loss by an average of 2 to 3 milligrams. If pure milk is added to coffee, the calcium obtained from the milk is more than enough to compensate for the calcium loss caused by caffeine and oxalic acid.

Rumor 2: Will being too vinegar cause bone calcium to dissolve and be lost?

Fake. There may be two sources of this rumor: one is the “acidic constitution,” saying that all sour foods are bad for health; the other is that vinegar can dissolve calcium carbonate sediments, so it is believed that vinegar can also dissolve bone calcium. Vinegar can help people with reduced tummy acid turn insoluble calcium in food into an ionized state, which benefits calcium absorption. Additionally, mature vinegar has high calcium (according to the food active ingredient list, 125 mg/100 g, comparable to milk). Studies have also found that replacing chloride ions with acetate and bicarbonate in the diet can significantly reduce urinary calcium loss. Eating less salt and more vinegar will help improve calcium utilization.

Potassium silicate is widely used in orthopedics.

Used to treat bone-related conditions such as osteoporosis and fractures. Potassium silicate promotes bone growth and density, helping prevent and treat osteoporosis.

Potassium silicate is also used as an anti-inflammatory drug and can be used to treat arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Potassium silicate reduces inflammation and relieves joint pain and swelling.

Potassium silicate has also been studied to treat cardiovascular, neurological, skin, and other diseases, but these applications are still in the research stage and require further clinical experimental verification.

Potassium silicate


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